Is often described by visitors as the hidden treasure of the belgian festivals.

The rural setting contrasts with heavy rock & roll, creating a unique atmosphere!

Add to this that you don’t need a mortgage to gain entrance to the festival site, there will be a great BBQ, lots of beer, high quality music and you know this can’t be missed.

As allways, our profit will go to charity.

Friday, July 30th 2021


Hold The Crown will kick off Rockelingen 2021! They bring good old 90’s-style hardcore.
A must for fans of pounding hard / deathcore riffs and for those who are not averse to a good circle-pit from time to time!


Friday will be Extreme, thanks in part to Sons Of A Wanted Man! Blackened Post-Metal from Beringen.


Yes! In 2021 Reject The Sickness WILL be at Rockelingen, on Friday. Today the Ghent Deathmetal band released their latest single to the world! It’s a bomb!


Carnation is synonymous with pure and unadulterated death metal with throwback sound reminiscent of the likes of Entombed and Dismember.

Saturday, July 31st 2021


Because we like to see starting and local bands on our stage, we are very happy that we can start on Saturday with Short Fuse!

Hard Rock band from Affligem.


BARK is the pack of Antwerp stray dogs of extreme sound. Infectious dirty riffs and a voice that tears your speakers apart. They serve their tunes raw, gritty and dark!”


Super happy that we can also add Hæster to the poster of Rockelingen2021! Doom / Post-metal from Ghent, with ex-band members from Aborted and Death Before Disco.


This band has already earned its stripes within the Belgian stoner / grunge scene for some time and has performed on Rockelingen before!
Tangled Horns guarantee tight guitar riffs and great vocals.


This 5-piece Ghent band brings a hard mix of rock ‘n roll, punk, hardcore and southern rock.


“Rock with cojones the size of Danny de Vito” – This 4-piece Stoner / Heavy Rock band from the Netherlands stands for solid riffs, pounding drums and delightful trumpet solos! At Rockelingen 2021 on Saturday!


Black Mirrors is a great example of all the beauty that can happen when you sell your soul to snotty garage rock, blues, psychedelia and stoner rock! Marcella Di Troia sings, screams and whispers about aliens in ballads like “Moonstone” and danceable grooves like “Lay My Burden Down“.


Camping and Parking

Camping & parking is available at the festival site. The camping will open on friday 16:00h, and we want everybody to be out on sunday 12:00h (except if you like to clean-up)   Breakfast will be available.

The campingsite is free to use but in return we ask you to clean up your stuff when you leave.

Please park your car on a respectful way so other visitors can use the parking as well.

If you want to come by public transport, there is a bus stop (line 471) at 1,2 km from the festival and a train station (Edingen/Enghien) 3,2 km away.


We handle a few rules:

  • no drugs
  • no weapons
  • no fires
  • kids under 14 not allowed (due to limited seats)

Just be nice, boys and girls, and we will be nice to you!

We kindly ask you also not to bring you own drinks. Support your music scene!

DD Electro