Is often described by visitors as the hidden treasure of the belgian festivals.

The rural setting contrasts with heavy rock & roll, creating a unique atmosphere!

Add to this that you don’t need a mortgage to gain entrance to the festival site, there will be a great BBQ, lots of beer, high quality music and you know this can’t be missed.

As allways, our profit will go to charity.



Friday July 28th

  • Boogie Beasts

    Boogie Beasts, bluesrock with a twist, is our headliner on friday 28/7! Feel the beat with these guys. Check it out!

  • Black Mirrors

    Black Mirrors, female fronted stonerrock, will rock your socks off on friday 28/7/2023! Come & See!

  • Fractured Insanity

    Fractured Insanity will perform on friday 28/7 to create an early wall of death. Pure metal.

  • Sustain

    Sustain, grunge, the first band for Rockelingen 2023 on friday 28/7. The perfect way to start our rockin’ weekend.

Rockelingen 2023 Lettelinen

Saturday July 29th

  • For I am King

    For I Am King, female fronted metalcore from Holland, is our headliner on saturday 29/7/2023!

    They will present their new album that comes out soon and crush the stage!

  • Ronker

    Ronker, a mix of different styles, are doing their thing with a BANG on saturday 29/7. Be sure to check them out!

  • Astrodriver

    Astrodriver, 3rd band on saturday 29/7/2023 and they will show how stonerrock sounds like.

  • Dikkus Missus

    Dikkus Missus play punkrock covers of pop and more on saturday 29/7 at noon. No way to remain seated! Be early!

  • Pablo Honey

    Pablo Honey takes you on a trip down memory lane with their tributeband playing grunge on saturday 29/07 at Rockelingen, featuring guys from King Hiss and Rhea! Oh yeah!

  • Finger Lick

    Finger Lick, a blend of stonerrock and metal, is joining us on saturday 29/7/23. Don’t miss ’em!

  • Experienced?!?

    Experienced?!? is second band on saturday 29/7 at Rockelingen 2023 and they rock like the devil himself!


Camping and Parking

Camping & parking is available at the festival site. The camping will open on friday 16:00h, and we want everybody to be out on sunday 12:00h (except if you like to clean-up)   Breakfast will be available.

The campingsite is free to use but in return we ask you to clean up your stuff when you leave.

Please park your car on a respectful way so other visitors can use the parking as well.

If you want to come by public transport, there is a bus stop (line 471) at 1,2 km from the festival and a train station (Edingen/Enghien) 3,2 km away.


We handle a few rules:

  • no drugs
  • no weapons
  • no fires

Just be nice, boys and girls, and we will be nice to you!

We kindly ask you also not to bring you own drinks. Support your music scene!

DD Electro