26 & 27.07.2024

15th edition


Strikes down for the 15th time this year!

Get ready for a rocking celebration amidst the wild nature of Petit-Enghien / Lettelingen.

What’s on the menu? Unadulterated rock in all its glory, spanning from blues to punk, hard rock, and metal.

For the complete experience, we offer free parking and camping facilities.

Even if the rain decides to join the party, fear not – we’ve got you covered to enjoy the stage in the dry.

Thirsty? No worries! Beers, soft drinks, and local brews are ready to quench your thirst.

And for those with a hunger, we’ve got juicy burgers, pizza (including veggie options), and chili con carne (also available in veggie).

Rock on!

As allways, our profit will go to charity.



Friday July 26th

  • WOLVENNEST - 22h00

    WOLVENNEST  is a mesmerizing Belgian rock band known for their enigmatic blend of psychedelic, black metal, and ambient influences. With ethereal vocals, hypnotic rhythms, and atmospheric soundscapes, Wolvennest creates a sonic journey that transcends conventional genres.

  • MILLHAVEN - 20h30

    MILLHAVEN, a powerhouse of a band, forged over a decade ago and still thriving. With a distinct sound they can call their own, they’ve cultivated an energetic live  performance aimed at pleasing metal enthusiasts.

  • GNOME- 19h00

    Gnome is a 3-piece stonerrock band from Antwerp. With its odd rhythms and silly melodies, this mysterious little creature may look funny at times, but it can also kick you in the shins with some nasty dirty riffs and heavy grooves

  • HUNTER - 17h30

    Hunter plays authentic, traditional heavy metal, averse to subgenres and stereotypes.

  • DICKSONS - 16h00

    Dicksons is a punk rock band from region Aalst. Most of the songs are fast punk rock. The band is influenced by Bad Religion, Social Distortion, Rise Against and much much more. Come check them out!

Rockelingen 2024

Saturday July 27th

  • COWBOYS & ALIENS - 22h00

    COWBOYS & ALIENS is a rock band hailing from Bruges (Belgium), formed in 1996. They describe their music as “groove rock” and are inspired by the classic rock of the past (Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath) and some modern pioneers (The Cult, Monster Magnet, Queens Of The Stone Age, etc.)

  • Thomas Frank Hopper - 20h30

    THOMAS FRANK HOPPER is slide guitars on a tube amp. Rock blues melodies on powerful rythms. A traditional belgian stoemp dipped into a juicy spicy sauce.

  • W.R.3 - 17h30

    War Risk 3 is an alternative, aggressive rock band from Denderleeuw, Belgium. The music is influenced by punk and rock, it can be described as hard but always melodic.

  • WILDHEART - 16h00

    WILDHEART are described as a mixture of Mötley Crüe, Van Halen and Dokken and in the meantime they have lived up to that expectation and have already won a lot of hearts with their reputation as a strong live act. Let them take you on their rock-and-roll journey.

  • SUSTAIN - 14h30

    SUSTAIN: Guitar music brought to you like a toaster in a bathtub: electric, dark and not overly complicated.


Camping and Parking

Camping & parking is available at the festival site. The camping will open on friday 14:00h, and we want everybody to be out on sunday 12:00h (except if you like to clean-up)   Breakfast will be available.

The campingsite is free to use but in return we ask you to clean up your stuff when you leave.

Please park your car on a respectful way so other visitors can use the parking as well. Parking is open from 13h30 on friday.

If you want to come by public transport, there is a bus stop (line 471) at 1,2 km from the festival and a train station (Edingen/Enghien) 3,2 km away.


We handle a few rules:

  • no drugs
  • no weapons
  • no fires

Just be nice, boys and girls, and we will be nice to you!

We kindly ask you also not to bring you own drinks. Support your music scene!

You do not need to print your ticket, keeping it digital is enough for scanning. Online ticketsale will close Friday 26th at 10h. No worries if you are a late desision maker, tickets can be bought at the entrance at the same price.


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